Performance Movement

Close-up of athlete running

Optimising your movement

Could you perform better? Is your body limiting your potential?

We offer a range of services to help you to meet your goals. We conduct sport specific musculoskeletal screening to identify issues that might be holding you back, and provide you with a plan to meet your goals.

We are experienced in providing performance movement services to a wide array of sports, including golf, tennis, cycling and running.

Clinical Pilates

Pilates reformer machine

You’ve heard about it, but have you experienced a one-on–one Reformer session with a highly trained Clinical Pilates practitioner?

Alternatively, join the Pilates Fusion class on Thursday evenings. It is a blend of Pilates Matwork, Swiss Ball and yoga to bring the mind and body back into balance.

Want a better swing?

Close-up of golfer

Even professional golfers struggle with physical restrictions that influence their swing or cause pain after a round. We can assess your swing and restore your mechanics so you can more fully enjoy your game.

Injury Prevention

Elphinston Performance provides functional movement and injury risk assessment for elite and professional sporting organisations in the UK and internationally. We design programmes which target injury prevention and technical performance enhancement for teams and individuals, as well as training coaches, physiotherapists and sports science professionals in analysis, training techniques and rehabilitation. We also have a special interest in programmes for training children in sound movement foundations for future sport.

Who do we work with?

Our experience in treating athletes is diverse and extensive. Understanding the demands of many sports ensures that treatment is relevant and effective. As well as dedicated amateurs in sports ranging from cycling to equestrian, we have looked after athletes from organisations including:-

  • Cardiff City and Birmingham City Football Clubs and professional footballers at West Ham, West Brom, Swedish Premier league team AIK
  • Welsh Golfing Union and Pro Circuit players (mens and womens)
  • British Triathlon
  • UK Athletics
  • British Weightlifting
  • Welsh Rugby
  • England Snowsport
  • Great Britain Bobsleigh
  • British Canoe Association
  • England and Welsh Badminton
  • Welsh Swimming Association
  • Welsh Netball Association
  • England Karate
  • Welsh National Junior Tennis Academy
  • Cardiff Hockey
  • Welsh Shooting
  • Welsh Lawn Bowls
  • Welsh Gymnastics